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Streamlining Mobile Device Returns For E-Commerce Vendors

Online sales have seen explosive growth during the past few years and will most certainly see continuing demand due to Covid-19 pandemic. Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off great promotions and deals and encourage consumers to also purchase smartphones and tablets online. Many online retailers have also extended their promotions to last much longer than before.

However, even the best deals can sometimes lead to Buyer’s Remorse. When consumers purchase smartphones or tablets online, they have a right to change their minds and request a return within the buyer’s remorse period which is often 14 days or even more depending on the country.

Due to the high number of devices returned, the e-commerce companies are struggling to identify if the information on these mobile devices is incomplete, or the device is locked or stolen. When the returned device arrives at the warehouse it is very important to be able to match the device information with the existing records. To refurbish and resell the returned devices, the devices must be unlocked. It is equally important to comply with the data privacy rules and securely erase the device data.

The return process is not effortless for consumers either. Typically, when returning a smartphone, the consumer needs to manually enter the details of the device, such as the phone model, OS version, and the IMEI, which is not always easy.

Cost-efficiencies for the e-commerce vendor

Picea® Services Mobile and Picea® Services Online API enable to remotely verify and capture information from an end user’s mobile device to ensure the device is ready for reuse before being returned.

The e-commerce company can easily create return workflows with PiceaMobile Verify and add QR codes to their return website. Alternatively, a link can be sent to the consumer when a consumer is contacting the contact center of the e-commerce vendor.

A company can also build unique return flows using PiceaServices Online API. By integrating device verification flow into the digital return process, it ensures that phone information is automatically captured. It also prompts the consumer to remove locks before the return is accepted.

This solution ensures a mobile device is acceptable for reuse through fast and accurate make/model recognition, IMEI detection, lost and stolen checks, iOS and Android activation lock checks, genuineness check, and presence of any media cards.

Making returns easier for the consumers

This automated solution also provides a better user experience for the consumer. As a consumer, you don’t’ want to have to manually enter any information, and you would not want to return your device with active user accounts. The solution provides a convenient way to automatically capture device information by scanning a QR code on a website, and check all accounts are securely removed from a device prior to return acceptance. Before shipping, consumers are usually also given instructions to erase the phone content by resetting the device.

After the consumer has successfully completed all the necessary steps to ensure the device can be reused, they can print the return label to ship the device. The device information is automatically sent to the cloud, making it easier for the e-commerce vendor to follow returns. When there is an integration with the company’s ERP system, device inventory is updated in real-time.

Preventing the intake of locked devices creates opportunities for more efficiency in device reverse logistics chains, helps save time and avoid unnecessary costs, and enable reselling of the devices faster. The process is also more convenient for the end customer who can trust the return and refund process has been accurately initiated.

For more information on how to streamline your return process online with PiceaServices Mobile and PiceaServices Online API, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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