What is PiceaServices Omnichannel?

Provide unified experience and services in physical stores, online and mobile channels, and let consumers choose their preferred channel for their mobile device lifecycle services.

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PiceaServices Switch mobile device content transfer UI


Picea® Switch enables fast and easy personal content transfer between any two mobile devices. It supports secure cloud or USB flash drive backup/restore.

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PiceaServices Verify


Picea® Verify checks whether devices are acceptable for resale, service or buyback by checking for active device locks, inserted SIM or Memory cards and against GSMA Device Check™.

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Mobile Device Diagnostics


Picea® Diagnostics provides automatic and extensive mobile device testing, including device grading with minimum human interaction. It features fully automated, user-assisted test cases, and software analysis within 2-3 minutes per device. Diagnostics helps retail stores avoid No Fault Found returns and unnecessary repair center deliveries.

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PiceaServices Device Trade-In


Picea® Trade-In provides accurate and fair trade-in value for pre-owned mobile devices. The trade-in value is assigned by recognizing device make and model, verifying the device is ready for reuse and analyzing the device condition.

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PiceaServices Eraser mobile device content eraser


Picea® Eraser enables safe disposal, reuse or resale of mobile devices by permanently erasing all sensitive user content. Up to 32 phones or tablets can be simultaneously erased.

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PiceaService Mobile


Provide an easy-to-use mobile experience of your service with Picea® Services Mobile. Create campaigns quickly and easily to attract consumers to your service and increase revenue opportunities for your business.

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online API

Picea® Services Online API

Leverage the Picea® Services Online API to create unique web services for your mobile device lifecycle services to meet your own business needs. Provide consistent user experience for both USB connected and wireless use cases and all service flows across channels, such as retail stores, home, and service points.

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What is PiceaServices Data?

Unlock insights with data and add more value to your services. Learn the behavior patterns of your customers and identify areas to improve and grow your business.

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PiceaServices Web Reporting Tool


Our cloud-based Picea® Reporting shows real-time statistics on store and company levels as well as detailed device information. Follow up your business, monitor sales, optimize preorders, or plan marketing campaigns.

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Picea® Device Data


Device Data covers detailed and validated information on 10 000 individual device models and is available via the Device Data API.

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Product Picea® History


PiceaHistory provides visibility to a mobile device operation’s history across all touchpoints. Improve customer service and process efficiency by checking service records of a mobile device whether they were performed at home, point of sale, or warehouse.

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Mobile Device Diagnostics


The AI-Powered Screen Grading leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automatically analyze and classify damages on the mobile device screen. The module is available within PiceaDiagnostics and it provides more efficient screen condition analysis, reduces subjectivity and variance in screen grading, and improves the customer experience.

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