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Get to know consumers who use your mobile device services

Consumers expect services with exceptional customer experiences, which are easy and convenient to access across all touchpoints. Mobile operators and other service providers respond to these consumer needs by introducing omnichannel customer experiences to drive revenue growth, acquire new customers and boost customer loyalty.

The omnichannel approach is all about a streamlined and integrated consumer journey. The user starts the service in one channel and continues seamlessly in another. The visibility to the whole omnichannel service journey is the key to success and improving the user experience and performance of the service.

Picea® Services Mobile is designed for B2B customers to quickly implement and easily promote mobile services to consumers. The solution includes a web-based Picea® Services Product Management Console (PMC) that can be used by the business customer to define the consumer journey for mobile device trade-in, insurance, or customer support.

It is essential for B2B customers to have visibility to the consumer journey and to identify mobile device users to serve them better, to promote new customized services and eventually, to provide as personalized service as possible.

Traditionally, operators have preferred to use a phone number as an identification method for their consumers. Once a consumer starts a service on their mobile, it is also possible to ask for their mobile phone number or email address as part of the user flow. The identification information is stored in the Picea® Services Reporting database or in B2B customer’s own systems that can be integrated with Reporting API.

Picea Services History supports a variety of ways, such as phone number, IMEI, serial number, and phone manufacturer, to easily search past operations for the mobile device. If the user’s mobile number or email has been collected as part of the mobile workflow, it is also possible to search the mobile number or user email address from Picea® Services History and track what operations have been performed earlier to the device with PiceaServices.

This can be particularly useful for example in cases, when a consumer’s device is returned to customer care after repair or when there is a need to follow the omnichannel journey and past operations performed to the mobile device. Some operations may have been started at home by the consumer and continued at the point of sale or care point depending on the case.

The mobile number or email can be useful information, especially for mobile operators for targeted marketing campaigns. The more you know about your customers, the more effective your marketing efforts can be. When you collect the user details from mobile services to enrich your customer data, you can request permission from consumers to use their data. Getting marketing consent from the consumers as part of the mobile workflow ensures compliance with the GDPR and best practices around the use of personal data in marketing.

If you are interested in extending your mobile device lifecycle services beyond the point of sales with PiceaServices Mobile, fill in the form to get a demo of the service to get started.

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