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Make Your Brand Visible Across Omnichannel Services

When consumers interact with your mobile device lifecycle services at the point-of-sale, service point or remotely at home, you want the experience to be seamless, coherent, and pleasant. But you also want to ensure a consistent brand experience in all touchpoints.

A brand is above all an emotional experience for consumers when they engage with your business. While it is more than just your company logo, colours, and fonts it is also important to consistently communicate your company’s brand identity. A company’s brand guidelines typically define a set of rules to cover elements such as logos, colour palette, imagery, and tone of voice.

Branding of mobile experience

Picea® Services Mobile allows Piceasoft B2B customers to easily and quickly create mobile services for consumers. You can select which device identification methods and device diagnostics tests are performed on a consumer’s mobile as part of the service flow.

But there is more. Whether you want to implement a mobile service or campaign for example for a phone health check, trade-in, or insurance for consumers, you can also create a look and feel for the mobile experience that reflects your company’s brand.

All you need is the PiceaMobile solution that includes Product Management Console (PMC), a web-based toolset, that allows you to easily apply brand identity elements such as brand colour palette, logo and images and define the appearance of the UI elements in the PiceaOne mobile application. PiceaOne application is used in services such as mobile device trade-in, repair, or insurance to analyse the condition of the device.

PiceaOne standard branding

Image:  1 Brandable UI elements in PiceaMobile

The branding feature is particularly useful for mobile operators or retailers who want to extend their mobile device lifecycle services to consumers. The Piceasoft PMC allows easy and quick creation of dynamic campaigns to drive consumers to retail stores or e-commerce sites.

Whether the marketing department wants to create campaigns for example for specific events, trade-in offers or seasonal campaigns, all can be done using the same web-based user interface while keeping the brand experience consistent.

Logoipsum pink welcomePiceaOne Branding example

Image: 2 Examples of campaign pages designed for PiceaMobile

Branding the POS application UI

When consumers start a service with their mobiles, they can be guided to the nearest store to finalize the service. Using PiceaServices point-of-sale (POS) applications retailers can offer value-added services to transfer device data, analyse device condition, manage trade-in, and securely erase mobile device data.

PiceaServices applications UI can also be customized with company-specific branding. Consistent brand image can be applied in the UI across the retailer’s network of stores by branding the UI for example background images, font colours and service icons.

POS Full branding piceasoft

Image:  3  Brandable UI elements of PiceaServices UI at the point of sale

POS UI brandedPOS UI branded 2

Image:  4  Examples of branded PiceaServices UI

Whatever service is being performed to the consumer’s device using PiceaServices, after the operation is completed, a branded report of the service is available to be given to the consumer. Retailers and recyclers can access the report through PiceaReporting.

Report 2 pages

Image:  5  Example of branding in the pdf report 

Using PiceaServices you can easily apply your branding across your mobile device lifecycle business. Learn more about Piceasoft’s omnichannel solutions.

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