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Piceasoft enriches its mobile device diagnostics solution with AI-powered screen grading

Piceasoft introduces revolutionary artificial intelligence technology in its Picea® AI-Powered Screen Grading solution to automatically analyze and grade mobile device…

9 June 2020
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Reuse, repair and recycle for the good of nature

Today we celebrate World Environment Day, the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.…

5 June 2020

Kotsovolos expands its PiceaServices portfolio with Trade-In and OnTheFly solutions

Piceasoft and Kotsovolos, a leading electronics chain in Greece, have agreed to expand its range of Picea® Services by adding…

26 May 2020
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Meet Dario Lorenzi, Managing Director of Piceasoft South Europe

We are excited to introduce Dario Lorenzi, a Piceasoft partner since 2015, who has been representing Picea® Services solutions in…

20 May 2020
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Piceasoft expands its product portfolio with data-driven and AI-powered solutions

Piceasoft, Europe’s leading software provider for mobile device lifecycle solutions, expands its offering with a new product family, Picea® Services…

12 May 2020
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Automating e-commerce phone returns to save costs and time

Covid-19 has increased online shopping in many industries. Because of remote working and retails shops being closed people have also…

30 April 2020
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Piceasoft Secures Future-proof Services for New Huawei Smartphones

Piceasoft announces its day one support for the new range of Huawei smartphones, running an open-source version of Google’s Android…

7 April 2020
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Security culture at Piceasoft

Everyone is aware of how crucial security is and how it needs to be part of everything an organization does.…

31 March 2020
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How can retailers serve their mobile device customers online?

As the spread of coronavirus continues across the globe, it is causing people to stay at home and avoid going…

24 March 2020