What is PiceaServices Data?

PiceaServices Data comprises of several solutions to boost the efficiency of your mobile device lifecycle services and to create new business opportunities.

Why PiceaServices Data?

Unlock insights with data and add more value to your services. Learn the behavior patterns of your customers and identify areas to improve and grow your business.

Who benefits from PiceaServices Data?

Anyone using Piceasoft’s solutions and requiring detailed mobile device information. Regardless of the touchpoint, PiceaServices Data supports the omnichannel journey of your mobile device customers.

Picea® Device Data

Picea® Device Data

Add value with mobile device data

Device Data covers detailed and validated information on 10 000 individual device models and is available via the Device Data API. Save costs and automatically retrieve comprehensive details of mobile device properties and technical information into your own systems, such as e-commerce sites or ERP.

Product Picea® History

Picea® History

Improve customer service & process efficiency

PiceaHistory provides visibility to a mobile device operation’s history across all touchpoints. Improve customer service and process efficiency by checking service records of a mobile device whether they were performed at home, point of sale, or warehouse.

PiceaServices Web Reporting Tool

Picea® Reporting

Improve customer satisfaction & retention

Our cloud-based Picea® Reporting shows real-time statistics on store and company levels as well as detailed device information. Follow up your business, monitor sales, optimize preorders, or plan marketing campaigns.

Trade up dashboard


Get advanced insights into your business

Picea® Services Reporting API is an interface for fetching real-time data from mobile device lifecycle services that run on Piceasoft’s platform. The Reporting API is available to all PiceaServices customers.


Picea® AI-Powered Diagnostics

Grade screen condition automatically

The AI-Powered Screen Grading leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automatically analyze and classify damages on the mobile device screen. The module is available within PiceaDiagnostics and PiceaMobile. It provides more efficient screen condition analysis, reduces subjectivity and variance in screen grading, and improves the customer experience.

Picea® AI-Powered Diagnostics for point of sale and care points - YouTube


PICEA® Services Product management console (Pmc)

Manage your mobile lifecycle services

PiceaServices PMC provides a unified web-based portal to manage all solutions that run on the Piceasoft business platform.

Extensive Benefits

PiceaServices Data helps you to create new business opportunities and identify where to focus your efforts to improve customer service and grow your business.

✓ Improve business processes and create new business opportunities

✓ Increase revenue by spotting up-sell opportunities

✓ Get to know behavior patterns of mobile device consumers

✓ Get powerful insights to retain customers and improve customer service

✓ Take action on fact-based mobile device usage data

✓ Save costs and streamline information handling processes by automatically retrieving mobile device information to your own systems

✓ Improve service efficiency and customer experience

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