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How to Efficiently Process a Large Number of Mobile Devices

Recyclers and trade-in vendors processing a large number of mobile devices look for operational efficiency and ease of use. There are several ways in how efficiency at recycling hubs can be optimized. Using an efficient mobile device solution is one of them.



Picea®  Volume is designed to be a flexible and easy-to-use solution that makes recycling multiple mobile devices more efficient. Here are a few tips on how efficiency can be further improved.

Get visibility to incoming trade-ins while devices are still at the point of sale

When consumers trade in their smartphones at the point of sale, the traded devices end up in recycling centers, where devices are refurbished and resold back to the second-hand market. The faster and more efficient the process, the faster reselling of devices and revenue generation

When the Picea® Online platform is used for device trade-in on an e-commerce site or devices are traded at the point of sale, recyclers can be sure that the devices are diagnosed and device locks are already removed before devices are received at the warehouse. Details of traded device information are recorded in PiceaOnline reporting in the PiceOnline configuration tool and immediately available to the recycling partner. Recycler knows the condition of traded devices before the devices are at the warehouse. This enables to resell of the devices even faster.

When the trade-in value is based on make and model recognition, device diagnostics, and grading, an accurate and fair trade-in value is ensured for the consumer and the trade-in vendor.

Save time and effort with efficient workflows

PiceaVolume provides make-model recognition, device diagnostics, and secure content wipe in one user flow.

The process can further be streamlined by configuring the workflows to fit the recycler’s own process and to perform only the necessary operations for the devices. This makes the operator’s job easier and more efficient. With flexible integration options and APIs, the solution is easy to integrate into the own ERP or CRM system.

Piceasoft solutions detect active user accounts and ensure the devices can be reused. In an ideal case, all user accounts and locks are removed before the devices are received at the recycling facility.

PiceaVolume also supports automatic user account detection, such as: Find My checks on Apple iOS/iPadOS, Google account checks on Android devices, Samsung account checks on Samsung’s Android devices, and Huawei account checks on Huawei’s devices without Google services.

It is also possible to identify mobile devices targeted for specific operators and detect operator variants of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple devices. When the trade-in vendor can identify the operator to whom the software variant is customized, they can also offer to resell the devices to the same operator and get a better value from the device.

Diagnostics provides automatic and extensive mobile device testing. You can set the order of test sets in Volume workflows to meet your own needs. For example, you can select which test sets are run in priority order, especially when you want to specify that some specific faults found in devices cause testing to stop. For instance, when diagnostics detect a broken button, diagnostics testing can be stopped based on the failure, and the device can be moved to the repair line.

PiceaVolume supports more than 70 fully automated and user-assisted test cases. Also, visual inspection and grading can be performed to complement the device condition analysis.

PiceaVolume lets users choose out of various data-erasing methods and it is possible to erase 500 Android and iOS devices per hour with one PC and improve workflow efficiency and achieve cost savings in the process.

Use automated tasks

Automated tasks in the device handling workflow speed up the process and minimize human errors.

For example, Android devices can be automatically activated and enabled with USB debugging mode using an NFC tag in Volume. This can reduce setup time by as much as 90%, which further increases the number of devices your operators can process hourly and saves salary costs. As the setup process is the same for all Android device models, it also makes it easier to train other users to use this feature.

Apple iOS devices, in turn, can be efficiently set up through automated Wi-Fi activation that saves many manual steps from the operator and can speed up the process extensively.

Automatic iOS app trust authentication makes operators’ job easier and faster when diagnosing iPhones or iPads.

Ensure peace of mind with certified data erasing

ADISA-certified Piceasoft erasing technology ensures that no personal user data remains on mobile devices and that the devices can be reused with complete peace of mind. The solution complies with data protection regulations such as NIST, EU GDPR, and R2.

Customize the workflow to fit your needs

Volume workflows can be managed and customized through Product Management Console (PMC) where the settings can easily be configured per each installation. With 24/7 real-time access, this unified web-based portal gives you control when it suits you the best.

Are you interested in deploying PiceaVolume into your operations? We offer you a fully functional trial of our products so you can try them yourself. Request your trial from here.

About Piceasoft

Located in Tampere, Finland, and founded in 2012, Piceasoft creates new and scalable business opportunities within the mobile and consumer electronics circular economy. Our ever-expanding platform and ecosystem powers companies at all levels to offer trade-in, insurance, repair, and recycling services in less than 24 hours. Working with customers and partners in over 70 countries, our AI-driven platform provides a single solution for businesses to introduce new services and revenue streams while reducing e-waste and promoting sustainability.