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Eliminating privacy risks of used mobile devices with Piceasoft’s ADISA-certified erasing solutions

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, often store a wealth of personal data. With rising concerns over data privacy,…

22 May 2024
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Process more devices in less time using Volume workflows

When used mobile devices are bought back via trade-in programs, the old devices end up at a device processing facility…

15 May 2024
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How to efficiently process a large number of mobile devices

Mobile device refurbishers, recyclers, and trade-in vendors processing a large number of used mobile devices look for operational efficiency and…

15 March 2023
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How Trade-In Vendors & Recyclers Can Benefit From Identifying Mobile Devices Targeted For Specific Operators

Mobile device trade-in vendors and recyclers handling a large number of used mobile devices look for efficiency and performance in…

9 August 2022
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National Data Erasing Product Approval from Traficom For Picea® Volume

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s National Cyber Security Centre has granted data erasing product approval for Picea®Volume Eraser. In…

31 January 2022
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Detecting User Accounts On Mobile Devices For Better Resell Value

When mobile device processors or refurbishers receive used mobile devices in bulk for refurbishment and resale, they follow specific steps…

2 November 2021
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iOS device diagnostics in PiceaServices Volume just got faster

Companies processing a large number of mobile devices look for operational efficiency and ease of use. Picea® Services Volume is…

10 June 2021

YesYes selects PiceaServices to support its growth in the responsible mobile device business

Piceasoft, Europe’s leading provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions, and YesYes, a specialist for refurbished smartphones in France, have…

8 June 2021
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Erasing multiple mobile devices simultaneously to increase efficiency in data erasing

ADISA certification was just revalidated for Piceasoft’s erasing technology for Picea® Services Eraser and Picea® Services Volume Eraser. ADISA…

16 April 2021