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Streamlining mobile device returns for e-commerce vendors

Online sales have seen explosive growth during the past few years and will most certainly see continuing demand due to…

27 November 2020
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Right to Repair to Extend the Lifecycle of Electronic Devices

The European Waste Reduction Week, taking place on 21—29 November is to raise awareness about waste prevention in Europe.…

23 November 2020
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PiceaServices platform connects marketing teams to offer compelling consumer services

Piceasoft’s mission is to extend the lifecycle value of mobile devices. We do this by providing omnichannel solutions to cover…

3 November 2020
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Meet Joni Lagerbom, Co-Founder and Vice President of Customer Services

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and feedback are heavily influenced by many functions of the business. But perhaps, mostly by customer support.…

26 October 2020
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Reduce e-waste by extending the lifecycle of mobile devices

Did you know that according to the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor a record of 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of…

14 October 2020
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Piceasoft introduces new API to power customers’ omnichannel web services

In the mobile device industry, ecosystem players such as operators and retailers are building their sales, support, logistics, and marketing…

24 September 2020
Genuine Solutions

Piceasoft selects Genuine Solutions

Multi-award-winning Genuine Solutions selected by Piceasoft to help support and drive strategic partnerships across key markets such as the UK,…

14 September 2020
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Industry transformation is a new business as usual

Everyone will remember 2020 as a year of Covid-19. Covid-19 has caused huge disruption in markets, but it has also…

11 September 2020
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Meet Jani Väänänen, Piceasoft Co-Founder and CTO

Piceasoft is an innovative company with a strong patent portfolio. The company encourages its employees to protect their innovations and…

2 September 2020